About the Artist

Doreen Weatherman-Koch began creating life-like 1:12 miniature flowers after a long history of painting flowers with great detail.

After more than 40 years of experience as an artist, she found a home in the miniature plant and flower world. 

Each paper flower she creates is a one of a kind, with no two leaves or petals identical. she tries to bring realism to her flowers via meticulous attention to detail. She spends several months studying each subject she creates. She does several sketches of the flower, from immature bud to full maturity until she can replicate it in full 3D. 

Once she knows the subject well, she tests theories to construct her flowers. She chooses which media would be the best to represent what she sees in the live versions of the plants and flowers. As she makes flowers, she works on perfecting them as she creates. Her technique continues to evolve as she creates more flowers. 

She seeks to capture the grace and elegance of each flower to put in her designs.